International Forum on Gymnastic Sciences

International Forum on Gymnastic Sciences.

Hosted by Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences

In gymnastics, at the forefront of score-judged sports, laboratory-based scientific research has been unable to keep up with the innate sense and the rapid pace of technical innovation exhibited by practitioners in the field, and the gap between the two sides has long been regarded as a significant issue. Technological advances, however, such as a cooperative effort by the International Gymnastics Federation to develop a scoring support system based on three-dimensional motion analysis, are now attempting to make the previously impossible possible. Here, we adopt the theme of “the Science of Gymnastics” in Japan, a gymnastics powerhouse heading into the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and pursue a deeper discussion among people with a variety of different perspectives.
World-well-known experts are coming!

<Invited Speakers>
Dr. Keith Russell
 Emeritis Professor, University of Saskachewan
 Former president of FIG scientific commission
 Former Canadian national coach, personal coach of two Canadian Olympians

Dr. Gareth Irwin
 Professor, Cardiff Metroporitan University
 Former president of International society of Biomechanics in sports
 Former gymnast and coach in team Great Briten

Mr. Hardy Fink
 Current Director of FIG Education and Academy Programs
 Former FIG Men’s technical committee chair
 Former Canadian national coach, personal coach of a Canadian Olympian
 50 years of FIG brevet judging experience

Mr. Jeff Thomson
 Current FIG Men’s technical committee
 Almost 40 years of FIG brevet judging experience
 Former personal coach of a Canadian national champion and national team members

Mr. Hiroaki Sato
 Current personal coach of Kohei Uchimura
 FIG academy expert

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